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it doesnt get good till a few minutes in, but watch the whole thing

I have tons of stuff I've been wanting to write about, but im just too busy with school. Hopefully soon i'll put up some more blogs with actual content.

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Moria- Unholy Sessions

Moria- Unholy Sessions lyrical meanings

(I wrote this quickly and didn't revise it much, so im almost certain there are spelling errors and probably some run on sentences, but who cares, this isn't english class haha)

Yes the subject of these lyrics is religion. These explanations aren't to start a debate. I don't care if you're religious or believe in God or anything. I respect people for their decisions, but I believe everyone should live an informed life. This is my expression and my belief.

"The unexamined life is not worth living."
That quote is the starting point for these lyrics.

1- "Omnipotent"
Does it comfort you to know
that someone has a hand in all of this
Look above for all your answers
Not looking within
Comfort yourself with (false hope)
There is no god, only man
Living in delusion
prayers to your divine
yield empty promises
drop to your knees
close your eyes tight
all of your prayers wont feed
the suffering
all your prayers wont heal
the suffering
Look above for all your answers
Not looking within
Comfort yourself (with false hope)
Our critical minds should
Yield to true thought
abandon the false hope

The word Omnipotent means all powerful. One of the things people claim God is, he is suppose to show this through answering prayers. So this song is basically about prayer. The false hope it brings people and how some things in life you actually have to get involved in to make a change. For some people prayer is used to comfort themselves or others. In bad times they say "I'll pray for you" or "pray for me, i need blah blah blah". Because of how the human mind works, it does help some people deal with things in their lives, what's so wrong with that? Some would say nothing, but what good is something that brings people false hope. Large problems in this world will never be solved through prayer. If everyone at your church prayed that some village in Africa would need all the food it needed to end starving or end the spread of AIDS it would not happen. If prayer worked, then some of the words problems would have ended long ago. It says in the bible you can move mountains if you have the faith, I still haven't seen any mountains moved. If you want to play the card "it's not in God's will" then that would mean suffering for millions of innocent people is a test for them? Or it's not in his will, they need to suffer. This is a whole other explanation but it's to get my point across.
If you have an ailment or something that you believe in this world needs to change, you have to do it yourself. You have to actually work at it and do what it takes. If you have cancer you need to get treatment, if you want to feed the homeless you need to do it. Prayer will not cure or end these things. There have been lots of scientific studies about the effects of prayer on people. There is no one watching over you, so if you want change, health and well being, look within yourself.

If you want to know more, go here.

2- "Suffer"
True salvation can only
be achieved through suffering
brought to the house of the dying
where they continue to suffer
The greed of the mother
in the name of peace
and prosperity
blinded by the false
intentions and lies
of holy entities
a life of fiscal secrecy
taken from the poor
for the greed of the Divine
for your salvation
the unexamined life of our idols
never questioning their intentions
misleading in their tranquil visions
lifted through their greed
the true evil of a sadistic saint

In our society we tend to idolize a lot of people. Especially people we consider to do a great deal for the less fortunate. But how often do we question what these people do is real and just. Mother Teresa was given the noble peace prize in 1979 but no many people know exactly what she did. Mother Teresa's Home for the Dying (yes it was really called that) in Calcutta, India was exactly how it sounds. Many of the nuns and volunteers there described the conditions as being like a concentration camp. This place was intended for sick children of India to get better and also learn about religion. Some people that worked along side her believed that Mother Teresa had an almost obsession with suffrage. That to truly understand and believe in Jesus and God you most go through a certain amount of suffering and begin to understand you need God and salvation.
A lot of the money she raised was dirty. The leader of Haiti at the time gave a large amount of money to Mother Teresa's charity. The money that was given was not to help the starving and diseased of Haiti, but back to India and to open up more nunneries (places women go to become a nun). In fact the money that Mother Teresa would receive mostly went to opening new nunneries, and not to help the sick and suffering. Mother Teresa's charity was one of the only Non Profit (i could be wrong, it may have not been non profit) that would not let their expenses and financial statements (showing how money is spent) shown to the public. In the 80's there was a huge scandal that this man Charles Keating essentially stole $252 Million in a savings and loan scandal. He gave 1 and a 1/4 million dollars to Mother Teresa and use of his private jet. When he got convicted of his crimes Mother Teresa refused to give her money back to the 17,000 individuals who lost it.
The catholic church has pushed to grant her sainthood sooner then what is usually their policy. The catholic church is suppose to wait 5 years after some one's death to begin the canonization (sainthood) process. But they started early. Why would they do this? They can make money off her sainthood, books, figures, and various other religions related merchandise.
Basically in life you should exam people and what they do when everyone seems to idolize them and almost worship them for their good deeds, some times there's a lot more to them that you don't know.
All in all i think Mother Teresa did do some good things for this world, but she also did some fucked up shit.

3- "Of Flesh"
The fault of the human mind
is the fear of death
fear of death is ignorance

there is nothing beyond this
this grave is only six feet deep
no immortal bliss

the awareness of one's self
brings on the fear of our mortality
the ending destiny of our being

they have played on our fear
from the beginning
controlling through fear
cast down to the depths
obey and the reward
is at the pearly gates
immortality of perfection

feed into their lies
of immortality
comfort your fears
with obedience

expiration is the end
I will not live in denial
of my demise
there is no eternity of light
there is no eternity of dark
(awaiting me)

there is nothing beyond this
this grave is only six feet deep
no immortal bliss

I have not lived in fear
of what this will become
I will be buried
I will be forgotten

"To fear death, my friends, is only to think ourselves wise, without being wise: for it is to think that we know what we do not know. For anything that men can tell, death may be the greatest good that can happen to them: but they fear it as if they knew quite well that it was the greatest of evils. And what is this but that shameful ignorance of thinking that we know what we do not know?"

Some of the lyrics for this song were based off that quote. The fear of death is one of the main driving forces of religion. Religion gives people an answer to what comes after death. The moment we become aware of ourselves we also become aware of the fact that some day there will be an end to ourselves. This is a fear of death and religion helps comfort people into the fact that death is not the end. In fact if you live this life the way God wants, you can have everything you want in heaven, and if you don't you will go to hell (fear is played into this, people fear hell). There is nothing beyond this world. When I die, that will be the end of me, I will be buried, I will be forgotten, and im completely fine with that. I think the lyrics themselves are pretty self explanatory.

Moria- No light Ahead

Moria "No Light Ahead" lyrical meanings

As the title says this album basically is about there being no light ahead with some of the ways people treat others and the ideals and thinking processes of people. Some of these songs were written years before this was released and were on other demos so they all don't fallow that theme. There's no spell check on here so im sure this is sloppy as hell haha

1.No Light Ahead

This is what we have feared
turning our backs on each other
there is no light ahead
this will be the end of us

- The end of humanity is brought on by our selfishness and narrow minded views.


You failed me
you failed yourself
you walked the line
starting out so pure
this is who I thought you were
this is what you were always to me
clean and precious was your life
swept away to the broken path
you say that we all change
that this was a phase
but this is me forever
you say that we all change
I watched you waste away
every night, every breath
as the carbon fills your lungs
as I smell it on your breath
it reminds me of why I am
you have changed for the worse
walking the broken line
going back on your word
you failed me
you failed yourself

- This song is about claiming straight edge and going back on that. However, I didn't go right out and say that, because it doesn't just refer to straight edge, it can be about anything in life that is a commitment or just holding onto whatever beliefs you have. Whatever change in ideals you make should be for the better. Change in life is good, but not when it makes you into a worse person. Not saying you're a better person if you're straight edge, it's not for everyone. I wrote this song when i was extremely bitter haha, but the lyrics are pretty self explanatory.

3.The Horror

Six bullets through their brains
face down in their misery
they told him to kill
the ghost along his side
full of rage and
possessed to kill
kill them all
moving here in the promise
of a new beginning
this quickly swept away
by the horrors of the past
catch them
kill them
these murders would haunt him
driven to insanity
the growing hate
eyes blood shot red
this eerie coldness
and voices in his head
this is truly hell
you must escape this
residing in his basement
the voices still in his head
driving him to insanity
this is his breaking point
chasing his family with an axe
they must escape the horror
of this house
28 days of hell

- These lyrics are based on the movie Amityville Horror, both the original and the remake, im not crazy into the movie, but i just thought it would be cool to write about. 28 days was how long they stayed in the house.

4.Disillusion In His Name

Religion at the heart of persecution
they have divided more than united
hate fed by faiths
blood spilt because of the one
we've gone this far
with no progress
humanity is doomed
we must breakaway
from these narrow views
that divide us away from each other
so much devastation caused by holy wars
fighting for selfish ways
let us tear down these walls
of separation
built up by the faith of human kind
we will never progress
with these ideals
they set the boundaries
it's time to break them
and set our minds free
dissolution in his name
with no progress humanity is doomed
we all are doomed

- The first line of this song sums most of it up. It's about how religion divides people. All of the wars in the middle east and violence that is created by the ideals around religion. Humanity can't progress when we have religion holding us back from cultures and countries getting along and living peacefully together. Every religion believes theirs is the true religion. This causes violence and narrow mindedness, we have to open our minds to peace and understand religion creates as much hate as it does love.

5.Leaving Nothing Behind

You've made your choices
thought only for yourself
you've ignored all the facts
and continued dying
one day at a time
never looking ahead
to how this effects
the ones you love
now you left nothing behind
but empty hearts
and what could have been memories
never amounting to anything
but dying selfishly
now you're nothing
you never changed
despite the signs
ignore all you thought was right
we all suffered in the end
never putting up a fight
you have made your choices
giving up on your life

- This is about my uncle dying from cancer. He was the only one of my family i never really got to know that well, because he didn't allow himself to. Despite having cancer he continued to smoke till he was in the hospital, even when he knew his time would be up soon, he still never made an effort to really make his mark on the world. He died and left my aunt alone. These lyrics are extremely personal but that's what they're about.

6.On The Eve...

As we assemble on the eve of our fate
we call upon the power of mighty Odin
guide us to victory
we fight for glory
unity under one banner
now our destiny awaits us
the battle cry has sounded
our might is to be tested
the clash of swords fills the air
The bloodshed has begun!
the battle rages on as
I cut open my enemies
our enemies begin to fall
to their knees
severed limbs
broken bones
nothing stands in our way
it's time to slay the king
this is ours
victory IS OURS
we bask in the glory of our battle
to the victor goes the spoils

- I just wanted to write an epic song. I think keith wrote the line "unity under one banner". Besides that, this song is just for fun.

7.Forever Entombed

This charred corpse speaks no more
as the smoke escapes from between
her soon to be rotting teeth
the smell of burnt flesh
is only apparent now
she only screamed a little
while the gasoline
was poured all over her perfect
pale figure
dropping to her knees in flames
all of his pain is gone
as her last shallow breath escapes
now a black charred corpse remains
she speaks no more lies
her charred corpse
speaks no more
he dismembers her corpse
discard the evidence
her body forever entombed
in a concrete casket
sinking to the depths
lost forever
no respected burial
and only desolation under water
forever entombed

- Just a story about burning someone alive, putting their body in concrete, and dropping them into the ocean haha, it sounds brutal so I wrote it.


You'd think we've progressed far enough
not to need this
once used to explain the unexplainable
now we are just convinced and enslaved
not to think beyond these pages
you'd think we've progressed far enough
not to need this
we've not progressed
once used to explain the unexplainable
now we are just convinced and enslaved
now we have little hope
unless we close the book
fed and told this
is the way we must think
I can't help but ask why I believe in what I do
have you ever questioned all of this
heaven looks so grim
when the path is paved by hate and ignorance
ignorant thoughts against
what is not natural to you
and accept others for who they are
weren't you meant to accept others with open arms
we are met with closed minds
this has been my choice
believing in what I think is right
and what I research is true
this has been my choice
you cant save me
I'm going to hell
so I'm taking you with me
I've kept my mind clear
so I'll pay the price if I have to
I'm going to hell
I'm taking you with me

- Religion was originally created to explain what we didn't know. How life was created, where we go when we die and other questions about life. But after thousands of years we still haven't progressed beyond that, despite science and our vast knowledge. I don't agree with some of the beliefs that Christianity teaches, and I'll stand by those beliefs despite being told im going to hell. And if im going to hell, all of the truly evil Christians that hide behind their religion should go with me.

9.Losing Hope

This weight on my shoulders
of the fate of human kind
is far too much to bare
I'm losing hope far too fast
for what we could be
hating what we've become
striving to be on the top
this has been engraved in our brains
but does not reflect our nature
but im still losing hope
far too fast
I've watched others around me fall
lacking in self respect
lacking in the compassion
this will lead us to our demise
striving for the top
at the expense for others
pushing aside all the morals
and thoughts for others
this will come back to you
this will lead to our demise
this will haunt us for an eternity

- Having a conscious sucks some times, all of the people that don't care about others, all the selfishness will haunt us. It's about my growing hatred of some people. It kind of goes back to the no light ahead theme.

10.Seeing In Red (Charlie Brown)

I try to escape all of this
put you behind me forever
but you are summoned to die
screaming drop dead
dreaming only of your death
I only see in red
the weapon in my hand
this will determine your fate
the blade slides so easily
to your heart
I only dream of your death
releasing the pressure
of this burden
a sense of relaxation
from your silence
no last words
just the escape
of your breath
no expression
only blood
from your mouth
no last words only death

- Just another random story about dreaming of killing someone, then you wake up and decide to just go ahead with it.

11.Giving In

It's so much easier to give in
giving in on everything you hold true
you've given up
on what was once so close to your heart
this is still close to me
this is still what I believe in
abandon all hope as you go against everything you once were
I use to see the passion in your eyes
holding onto everything, saying it will last

I've grown to despise everything you've become
watching you grow into this
from what I once knew you as
this is still CLOSE TO ME
this is still IN MY HEART
convictions are meant to last
holding on to this is so much harder
it's so much easier to give in
give in on everything you hold true
I've grown to despise everything you've become
watching you grow into this
from what I once knew you as
I will stick to my convictions despite the lack of yours

- Another song that is basically about straight edge but can be applied to anything in life. Whatever convictions you have in life, it's a lot easier to just give in and go back on those beliefs when everyone else around you is that way. It's harder to hold on to those despite everyone else that may be living contradictory to you. Despite people around me not being straight edge anymore or drinking or doing drugs, i'll still hold onto it, I wont give in and go along with everyone else. This can be applied to everything. Other than that the lyrics speak for themselves.

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kenny vs. spenny

I have never laughed so hard, watch each part in order

part 1

part 2

part 3

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Our conscious minds

This is just a venting of thoughts, there's a few ideas in here that i'll probably expand on more later.

The biggest thing that separates humans from other species and animals is the development of conscious mind and awareness of one's self. We have thought processes. We worry, love, hate, stress, envy, and feel a vast array of emotions. Why do we do this? Our conscious mind allows us to do these things, good or bad. Other animals act on instinct and survival. We work out complex math problems, worry about if the person standing next to us can see the stain on the front of our shirt and if our physical features are appealing to others. Other animals have thought processes and can do a little bit of reasoning but it's extremely limited. We are highly evolved beings. We can appreciate a great deal of sensations and emotions.

I constantly go back and forth about how I feel about this. I enjoying reading and researching about history and the various ways humans view our reality and perceptions on life. I love music and enjoy looking at nature and interacting with other people that make me happy. This aspect of a conscious mind I'm very grateful for. We have this ability so why not use it to it's fullest extent. I hate when people just settle and go along with life. I'd rather learn and question things. The unexamined life is not worth living was said by Socrates. I completely agree with this and is a concept I live my life by. But part of me is jealous of the simple life other creatures have. They are driven by instinct, necessity and survival, not emotions and desires. Having a conscious mind allows me to have these feelings, if I did not have this mind I would be content with not having the emotions and desires because I would have no understanding of them. But would I be happy? Would I also not have an understanding of happiness and just simply survive and maintain?

Awareness of mortality is the ultimate by product of consciousness and understanding. If this one thing was not aware to us our world would be vastly different. It's hard to say but maybe everyone would be much happier. I'm almost certain that religion and spirituality would not exist, there would be no need for it. The whole basses for religion and the idea of a god is to basically live awaiting to hopefully go to heaven and be a good enough person not to go to hell. Maybe we would take greater chances in life and gain more happiness. If you think about it for a minute a lot of aspects of the world would change.

The moral of the story is that really you need to be content (not saying to not be happy, just understand it) with life. Everything is a sacrifice and a chance. We some times lose perspective of everything. We live and experience love, hate, worry, happiness and sadness at a price for understanding that those things can also not exist. It's part of life, it's a gamble. We experience loneliness and sadness but also have many opportunities for love and happiness. It's the price of a conscious and aware mind.

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ur a fuckin monkey d00d

I found this on my friend Danny's myspace and thought it was a funny/interesting way to look at life and existence.